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Protect yourself in style with the Ripper Series Wind Deflector in the Standard Height Tinted version. Easy to install and secure, this deflector comes in at 7.5 in. high and is manufactured with 3/16 in. dark tint polycarbonate, keeping you safe from road debris without sacrificing looks. An ideal height to buffer you from wind without interfering with sightlines.

Ripper Series Wind Deflector - Standard Tinted Item #: 2882154

SKU: 2882154
$489.99 Regular Price
$245.00Sale Price

    2023 Slingshot Roush Edition
    2022-2023, 2017-2019 Slingshot SLR
    2022-2023 Slingshot S with Technology Package 1
    2022 Slingshot Signature LE
    2021-2023, 2018-2019 Slingshot S
    2021 Slingshot S with Technology Package I
    2021 Slingshot R Limited Edition
    2020-2023 Slingshot R
    2019-2020 Slingshot GT
    2018 Slingshot SLR LE
    2018 Slingshot GT LE
    2017 Slingshot SL LE
    2015-2023 Slingshot SL
    2015-2017 Slingshot

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