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  • Developed in coordination with Sparco® Motor Sports
  • High-quality machined matte black aluminum pedal set
  • Designed for improved performance, pedal feel, and of course stunning looks
  • The short accelerator pedal is paired with a shorter and wider brake and clutch pedal for assured control


Matte Black



Premium Billet Pedal Covers by Sparco® Item #: 2882334-468

SKU: 2882334-468
$144.99 Regular Price
$72.50Sale Price

    2023 Slingshot Roush Edition
    2022-2023, 2017-2019 Slingshot SLR
    2022-2023 Slingshot S with Technology Package 1
    2022 Slingshot Signature LE
    2021-2023, 2018-2019 Slingshot S
    2021-2023, 2017-2019 Slingshot SL
    2021 Slingshot S with Technology Package I
    2021 Slingshot R Limited Edition
    2020-2023 Slingshot R
    2019 Slingshot GT
    2018 Slingshot SLR LE
    2018 Slingshot GT LE
    2017 Slingshot SL LE

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